Save the Date!


Pretty excited to say that most of our save-the-date cards have been dispatched! Are we being extra eager sending these out so many months ahead of the actual event? Perhaps. But you are all such special people who we would love to have attend that it’s only fair to give you enough warning and time to organise (that’s “organize” in Australian). Essentially, we’re asking a lot. So we want to give you a lot.

In the coming months we’ll be posting new stuff and pointing you to certain info here on this site. If you have a question that’s not answered, just ask! We want to make this adventure as easy and exciting as possible.
So, first things first: mark your 2013 calendar with a big fat circle around July 6th… better yet, mark off the whole week (or two!). Don’t have a calendar yet? Then stick that postcard on your fridge and start thinking about next year’s holidays. Please note the date is in peak summer holiday season in Canada. There is a public holiday on July 1 (Canada Day!). If you need us to have a chat with your boss, let us know. 😉

You can make anything happen if you want to!

L & D