Feathered Friends and other Area Attractions


I first learned of a “kookaburra” back when I was in Girl Guides. According to the song we’d sing around the campfire, kookaburras sat in old gum trees (I was fascinated that chewing gum could come from trees…) and laughed their heads off having a gay old time. Little did I know what the bird actually looked like or that its “laugh” was more like a squawking crow-goose than a jubilant songbird. Now that I’ve encountered a kookaburra in the flesh I can tell you it’s a bit like an over-sized kingfisher and they can be pretty cheeky – I’ve seen one swoop right into a family picnic to grab a piece of pie… no word of a lie.

For the Aussies reading; you won’t find any kookaburras in Canada, but you might get lucky and see a loon, or a heron, maybe a bald eagle or an osprey. We also have cheeky birds, they’re called Grey Jays (a distant cousin of the Blue Jay) and they’ll steal the bacon right off your plate (also a true story).

While you’re in BC (you’re coming right?) I definitely encourage some exploration of the flora and fauna. As I was growing up, the Shuswap was a natural playground for me and my brother – whether down by the water or up in the mountains. If you’re not keen to go adventuring on your own, there are bike tours and organized hikes available in the area (and probably some other guests keen to go along).  If you’re not the nature-y type, just say “Hey, where’s the winery?” And we’ll point you in the right direction.

To start you off, we’ve put up a NEW PAGE called Area Attractions, you’ll find it under the Travel tab. It’s got all sorts of great things to do in the area so you can start getting excited – bookmark it and come back later. Also, please feel free to connect with others via this site to arrange any adventures.

L & D