Something old, something new, can anyone lend us a kangaroo?


Australians have some funny traditions. Like not hitting the plate when you cut the first slice of cake; dressing up in fancy hats and frocks to watch one horse race; and having morning ‘tea’ – which is more like sausage rolls, mini meat pies and scones at about 10:30am. Dave and I have been thinking about what sort of “traditions” to include (or not) in our wedding. Since we’re all convening in Canada I thought it’s only appropriate that we use a true emblem of Australia in our ceremony. To represent, you know? Here’s the idea: we have a kangaroo as our ring bearer. She’ll kick open the doors, hop down the aisle, we’ll pull the rings out of her pouch and then all bounce off together into the sunset. For reals. Whaddya think? What’s that? No kangaroos in BC? Right. So maybe we can’t do the kangaroo thing. But there are some traditions that should be started (or repeated) at a wedding, don’t you think? Something that perpetuates; an action or intent that adds meaning to your story down the track.

One wedding I went to involved showering the couple with dollar bills. Another had the bride and groom walk down the aisle together rather than separately. And another one I heard about involved the couple taking a hammer to the final nail on a wooden box, shutting in a bottle of wine and two glasses only to be opened when things got rough! Maybe “tradition” isn’t the right word. But something significant, something unique (break the mold!), and meaningful that happens during or surrounding a wedding.

The carving of my wood engagement ring (as my dad had done for my mom) kicked this all off. So we’re curious what other wedding traditions you’ve heard about or witnessed (or want to suggest). Who knows, we might even adopt them! The comments section is open – GO! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Something old, something new, can anyone lend us a kangaroo?

  1. Awesome! well, I heard of a tradition, where during the ceremony you let all the people present hold your ring, or maybe some other sacred important thing that you have….like a stone :), one at a time of course, imbueing it with their blessings and energy while you are going through the ceremony just in time for it to be put on your finger….I’ll think of some polish ones too…lol …there is some shockers 🙂

  2. Similar to Kasia’s comment, I know a couple that got a long ribbon, and the ring got passed across the ribbon through each person’s hands until it reached the couple. They each passed their blessings/energy to the ring.

  3. A friend of mine has her Dad and her step Dad (so hard to decide/ don’t want to offend when it came to walking her down the aisle). So at the wedding she walked by herself the first part down the aisle and the groom meet her half way down and they walked the rest together 🙂 I thought it was sweet.

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