Playlists and Party Animals

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Happy New Year, folks!!
Suddenly, it’s 2013… and I think you know what that means. No longer is our wedding sometime “next year.” Oh no. And no more will you say “next” summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere) when referring to your blissful anticipation of Shuswap Lake. Nay. You better change your calendar, because this IS the YEAR. Holy crazy!

Today it is officially 6 months until the wedding (cuz we’re sorta keeping track). And just in case you need a little more precision than that, I suggest this little timer. Woooo-eeeee!
Don’t worry if you haven’t got your official invitation in the mail yet – no one has. But! But they’re not far off, so sit tight and we’ll try to keep you entertained.

To start, here’s a video for all the first-timers to Canada, just to get you pumped πŸ™‚

And hey! Do you ever hear a song – on the radio, in a TV ad, while you’re on hold with your phone company, maybe in an elevator and go, “Oy! That would be perfect at a wedding!?”
Didn’t think so.
But you must have a tune that absolutely just makes you want to dance… and sing, and smile. What is it? What is that song? TELL US! And we might just put it on the awesome-all-encompassing playlist.
This is where you chime in on the comments section – it doesn’t even have to be coherent. Ok, here’s an example (I know you’re struggling):

Remember that song from that movie with the guy who does the thing and then gets the girl but she doesn’t even know he existed?

Exactly. Go find it on YouTube and leave a reply below with a link so we can all smile and nod and agree on something. If you’re too embarrassed to share your musical leanings here, please contact us discreetly. But please, do have a think about it. The more music we can play for you that you’ll actually enjoy, the merrier.

Go on, vote for your favourites and stay tuned (pun intended). πŸ˜‰

L & D


6 thoughts on “Playlists and Party Animals

  1. i gave you memories by guetta with kid cudy. (wedding apropos)
    but since dance tunes are my thing, i’ll start loading you up with more and maybe you’ll choose one for the partay.
    from across the years:
    i got you. split enz (wedding apropos, again)
    as. stevie wonder (damn, more love songs)
    temperature. sean paul. (ok, a little more harshly stated but still…)
    of course they all can be found on youtube (and most sound better that way).
    more to follow.
    the jmax
    lookin forward to seein all the aus fam of course.
    can not wait, actually

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