Well well well…  if you haven’t been here until now, it’s about bloody time. What did it take? An email, a phone call, (me signing you up involuntarily), an official invitation?

No, that’s ok.

What’s important is that you are here now.
Take the tour and feel free to contribute your two-cents on any posts or pages (we definitely need your input on traditions and music). Or if you wish to prove you’ve been here, why not leave us a note in the Guestbook? (dare ya)

Okay, but the real subject of today’s post has to do with the fancy envelope that should be turning up in your physical mailbox anytime now. We are pretty darned excited to have this part of the process underway. If you’re overseas, don’t worry, Australia Post has your invite and it should be in your hands within 3-10 working days (not including snowstorms).

Already got yours? You must be special.
Booked your flight? You’re amazing.
RSVP’d yesterday? You’re a legend (no, really, you are).
Speaking of RSVP’s, these are all online… none of that you-send-us-some-sort-of-miniature-card thing. So, don’t send us the tag…

If you’re super eager (like we are), the official RSVP page is now up. If you’re having any trouble with this, put your hand up.

Some of you have already told us about your plans to attend or not, however an RSVP via the site will help us put everything else in order. More fun stuff to come!

L & D