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Some people have been asking about gifts and wedding registries. Others have more important questions like, “Will there be grizzly bears?” (more on that later). We honestly just want your presence on our special day, but for those who feel the desire to give a gift, we have come up with a couple options to help you out.You see, we don’t really have a home to put stuff in. True, we own a small place in Perth, but it is by no means a permanent or long-term residence. Before the wedding we’ll be cramming all our current belongings that haven’t been sold/donated/composted into someone’s shed (any takers?). Then we’ll fly to Canada, get married (in the company of you lovely folks) and take our new titles of ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ onto the dance floor.

Then we’re hitting the road (Well, not immediately. In September).

Most of you will know of our passion for travel, having met in Turkey and all, so it may not come as a surprise that we’re planning to take up to six months to travel YET AGAIN!

Thus, our wedding gift wishlist comes in the form of cycling through Portugal, eating delicious food in Spain, and exploring Moscow… among many other exciting plans.
So, how can you give us something we want (and find enough wrapping paper)? With THIS handy little link:

The ‘Gift Registry‘ link is also active under the RSVP & Guestbook tab in the main menu above. While it’s not your typical steak knives and wine glasses, we have provided choices for you to help us fund some amazing adventures. We’ll try our best to send you a photo of any experience/item you contribute to. 🙂
On a side note – should you prefer to give a physical gift or ‘presentation’ at the reception, we will have a table for this. You can also mail a gift.

With humble thanks,

L & D