International Travel Info – must read!

Jet stampAlrighty, time for a sense check. This one is targeted at our international guests (but feel free to read along if you live in a Province). Hopefully by this point you have found/ checked your passport to make sure there are at least 6 months left before it expires. Hopefully you’ve looked into travel insurance (we like WorldNomads and Travel Insurance Direct).
Hopefully you’re well on your way to sorting out Flights, Accommodations, Car Rentals, and other Fun Stuff (these are all links, folks – click away!)
You’re all grown-ups, so I’m sure you’re on top of everything. Again, if you have any questions we’re here to help.

REMINDER for USA travel: if you are traveling to OR through (even in transit) the friendly, foreign, US of A at any point on your trip to/from Canada you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (sorta like a visa). This is good for 90 days from your date of entry and valid for trips within two years. “ESTAs” can be obtained online here – have your trip details and a credit card handy, allow 20 minutes to apply.

We recommend getting an overseas flight soon at this point (assuming you’re coming?!), as it is unlikely that prices will drop. Heading into peak summer season in Canada it is unlikely that you will find a seat sale.

Since there are many of you coming via the same routes (and maybe in need of a ride), and others looking to share accommodation at the Lodge, we will soon be posting a “Forum” where everyone can bid on car rides and rooms (kidding) – but there will be a forum to inquire about such things (no bidding allowed). Stay tuned! (this may or may not work)

*Update: – If anyone is in favour of a forum, leave a vote in the reply section. Otherwise I think you guys can sort yourselves out – we’ll help you liaise if needed of course.

L & D


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