For the Canucks! A guide to Aussie translations

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Caution: Aussies Ahead!
I thought it only fair; by now the Aussies have heard all about Canada and how wonderful it is (some of them even think it’s worth a visit!), and yet, the Canadians are wondering what these Australians are all about (and why is she marrying one?!). Well. To help the Canucks become a little better acquainted with the Aussie cousins, here’s a little info-tainer for ya.

Now, to keep the playing field equal, I’m including a list of some random sayings I’ve encountered since being Down-Under. Don’t be afraid to give an Aussie a “that’s a mouthful of rubbish” look if they start spouting ‘straylianisms at you. Just say, “Nice story bro.”

Aussie says: “real spekky
Translation: “that’s really flash/schmick/impressive”

Aussie says: “squiz
Translation: “have a look, take a peek”

Aussie says: “rock up
Translation: “turn up, show up, come by”

Aussie says: “tracky dacks
Translation: “sweatpants”

Aussie says: “goon bag
Translation: “bag/box-o-wine”

Aussie says: “Pom
Translation: “English person (aka prisoner of her majesty)”

Aussie says: “tomoz arvo
Translation: “tomorrow afternoon”

Aussie says: “chook
Translation: “chicken (live or cooked)”

Aussie says: “sanger
Translation: “sandwich”

Aussie says: “snaggers/snags
Translation: “sausages”

See you all in a few weeks in your sunnies (sunglasses), bathers (bathing suits) and thongs (flip flops)! πŸ˜‰

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3 thoughts on “For the Canucks! A guide to Aussie translations

  1. Crikey, what will they think of us ridgy didge Aussies. I was going to bring my boomerang but blimey I will give that a miss.

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