LetsJustGo As most newlyweds do, we’ve decided to take a little time – okay, a LOT of time – to go away together and, you know, get to know one another (since we were total strangers when we said our vows, hah).

Insights into the best way to roll a sleeping bag, who’s the better navigator, and the definition of a ‘bargain’ might be revealed, adding much depth to our relationship. 🙂

Many of you are already savvy to our travel plans having donated generously to our equipment and upcoming experiences (thank you notes are forthcoming!), but we’ll spell it out for you anyway.

Here’s the roughly proposed plan:
Mid-September; visit friends in New York and Toronto then fly to Lisbon, Portugal

Sept-Oct; explore Portugal by bicycle,
meet up with Leandra’s mom on the Camino,
do some volunteer farm work in Spain

Nov; head from Barcelona to Krakow, Poland,
take the train to Prague, Czech Republic,
wander around Croatia,
soak our bones in the baths of Budapest

December-Jan; spend some time in France,
celebrate New Years in New York City

January 2014; take off to Lima, Peru,
hike Macchu Piccu,
take a gander at Bolivia

Feb-March; explore the Amazon,
dabble in Argentina and/or Uruguay,
discover the craziness that is Carnavale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fly back to New York and continue on to Australia just in time for several other weddings!

Should any of you be in the vicinity of our route or want to leave the comforts of home and join us at any point, we’d be more than happy for you to come help carry our packs! 😉

Bon Voyage!

L & D

P.S. You may have noticed that certain original plans have been altered. This is due to time and distance, and will hopefully allow us to more thoroughly explore the places we’ve chosen. Turkey and Russia will be incorporated into separate trips as potential anniversary gifts to ourselves at a later date.



2 thoughts on “Honeymoonin’

  1. Finally got to see your flicker photos and the px of the ‘lovely’ little trailer you lived in for 10 days. I will keep coming back to this website in order to see where you are and what you two are up to.
    Love mom

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