Our Story

So there I was in Turkey…


… travelling alone and minding my own business in the little town of Göreme in the Cappadocia region. Population: me – or so I thought.
I’d just finished having dinner with my book when two ‘western’ males entered the establishment (their English tipped me off). They were young-ish, worth looking at, and enjoying themselves. 😉 Aware that they might try to strike up a conversation I immediately took a swig from my water bottle, flipped to the next page and stared intensely at the words to Atlas Shrugged. Not a paragraph later, (okay maybe I stopped reading and started eavesdropping) the taller, hippy-er looking one said something in my direction. I looked up bemused, pretended not to have heard and in typical Canadian form said, “Sorry?”

That’s how I met Dave and his mate Alex from Australia in November of 2007.

For the next few days the three of us hiked the beautiful valleys of the region and enjoyed many turkish teas, coffees, beers and chocolate. Eventually I pried myself away from their antics and continued on my travels — only to have them follow me on the next bus. From there Dave and I started a friendship that would survive the Middle East, my first Christmas out of Canada, a teaching stint in the West Bank, packing up my childhood home, and eventually (with enough invitations) to me moving to Perth, Australia where the adventure continues…


… with my mate Alex, looking for a good place to eat a Lamb Iskender Kebab. We didn’t find one, but I did meet me a girl…

We were in Göreme, Kapadokya, in central Turkey and had returned from a day’s hike through one of the many beautiful valleys. Turkish food is generally quite amazing, but on the night in question, we probably picked the worst restaurant in Göreme. They had no lamb iskender, even though advertised! We settled on an undercooked chicken iskender and immediately regretted the order. There was only one other diner in the restaurant, which usually signals a bad choice, but it was low season in Göreme and not many travellers were about. The other diner was quietly reading her rather large book, (which I don’t believe she ever finished), and didn’t look too open to being disturbed.

I kind of wanted to disturb her though, as I thought she looked kinda nice. I wanted to talk to her, but it’s hard start a conversation with someone who is reading a book. She had a half empty Nalgene water bottle sitting next to her on the table. I also had a Nalgene bottle. This was my in! 😉 I got up and made my way towards the front making like I was checking the menu. On the way back past her table I commented on her water bottle in an inane sort of a way. She looked at me strangely, but politely responded, and the conversation had begun.

This was the beginning of many great adventures, some of which are still yet to occur…


3 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Ahh just like his Dad… I thought my opening line to Barb was corny but it broke the ice. It has been wonderful to welcome Leandra into our family great to meet Wendy and can not wait to get to Canada.

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