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26 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Hi Leandra and David,
    Beautiful and well thought out ‘save the date’. Love the feather. Starting to get very excited.
    Love mum/Barbara

  2. Thanks for the lovely save the date – glad to see it after all the work! Look forward to coffee by the lake perhaps? Love from the Worsley crib hut with fond memories of Woolbales shisha and port.

  3. Dear David and Leandra, I am so thrilled that you were kind enough to invite me to share in your wedding day. Thank you. I am working very hard to be at this beautiful part of the world. Love Jenni Montgomery

  4. Dear Leandra and Dave:
    Your “story” of how you met brought tears to my eyes. Imagine having to travel half way around the world to find your ‘mate”.
    Your “save the date” card is lovely – I will try and make it to the wedding – just kidding – I WILL definitely be there!
    Shuswap Lake with all its memories for you is an ideal site!
    Love Mom/Wendy

  5. Dear David and Leandra, thanks so much for the lovely save the date for your wedding card. Thrilled to receive it. Hoping to be able to join you and help celebrate your special day. Love Christine and Udo.

  6. Dear Leandra and Dave,
    Your very creative invitation and website is tremendous. We will most definitely “meet you by the lake” on your special day!
    It was great to see you both this summer although the time spent here was much too short. Glad to hear that you will be sticking around after the wedding.
    Love, (Uncle) Hugh and Marilyn

  7. Dear Leandra and Dave
    The announcement has graced the kitchen cupbard since it arrived. What a fabulous way to keep us in the loop. Congratulations to you both. We look forward to sharing the celebration with you. Take care
    Love, Pat and John

  8. Hi Leandra and Dave, we just booked our room and look forward to seeing you both and sharing your special day with you. Love your website.
    Love Cindy, Dan, David and Lindsay.

  9. Hi Leandra and Dave

    Just made our reservation at the lodge and are looking forward to seeing you both.


    Richard and Deborah Dickson.

  10. Hi David and Leandra, I will be checking my letterbox – can’t wait to see the invite. Flight booked, accom booked, trips booked ( thanks to Rob and Barb ) my travelling companions. Some Australian wedding traditions – bride wears a garter on her leg and single men compete to remove it, single women gather to catch the bride’s bouquet, the bride wears something old, something new and and something blue.
    You asked ………… Love Jenni Montgomery

  11. Leandra and Dave: I received that beautiful invitation today that included such a nice map of Shuswap Lake tied up with the invitation – and the envelope with the sewing of yours Leandra on the back flap – and the address all typed up by you Dave – such nice personal touches – you two are impressive! Soooo looking forward to the BIG day.
    Love Mom/Wendy

  12. Hey there, finally wound my elastic band back up and got my ass on here! Thanks so much for the invite you guys, I’m looking at the map and logistics right now and working out how I can make it. Will be great to see you again and just awesome to share in the moment. All the best. RIch

  13. David and Leandra,
    Such a special and well thought out wedding invitations with both of your personalities coming through in the invitation. Loved the sewing Leandra and loved the hand typed envelopes David. Impressive…….The meet and greet, the wedding and the post wedding brunch sound amazing and to have family from half way round the world to celebrate with you both will be so so special. Bring on the 6th July.

    Love always Barb and Rob / Mum and Dad

  14. Jan & Gavin Maxwell

    We’ve finally made it to your page David & Leandra!!
    So many beautiful comments from everyone who can attend the wedding in July. We are so praying that we can win lotto very soon so we can be like everyone else jetting to Canada & booking their accommodation at Shuswap Lake! Know it is going to be an amazing journey for everyone so we wish you all a fabulous week of celebrations & will look forward to seeing your photos & details of every single moment of your wedding days & your adventures!!
    Love & Hugs to you both xx xx

  15. Leandra and Dave,
    Kudos to the great job you did in creating this unique and awesome website.
    We are looking forward to celebrating with you at the Shuswap.
    See you soon.
    Claus and Diane

  16. Hi Leandra & Dave,

    We so enjoyed our short visit with you in Perth and the opportunity to have lunch with Dave’s parents before we left for Fiji. A great chat was had by all and we intend to continue when we see Barb & Rob in Canada. We tried to reassure them that there will be no bears stealing Rob’s golf balls on the course at Talking Rock. Despite Leandra’s comments it is ‘hit and miss’ as to seeing a bear but hope one may join us at the bonfire!!

    Looking forward to welcoming all of Dave and Leandra’s family and friends to ‘Beautiful BC’.

    See you all in July.

    Love Marilyn & Hugh Fallis

  17. Well July 6th is rapidly approaching and we are sure you are getting excited, if not stressed.

    The idea of the wine tour is a great idea and count us in.

    Marilyn & Hugh Fallis

  18. Only a few weeks to go now guys, I wish you both all the best. Im sorry i couldnt get over there this time. A song how about Bombora the Atlantics. CHEERS
    Phil O’Dea

  19. Leandra and Dave
    Glad to see such a good turnout for the wine tour Hugh is organizing. Should be a fun day! Looking forward to seeing all the “inebriated” wine lovers at the cottage after for the BBQ! I will supply the food and beer and the bonfire and marshmallows, the wine lovers can bring their favourite wine!
    Love Mom/Wendy

  20. Leandra and Dave,

    We send you our love on your very special day. May your life together be full of joy and happiness.
    Sorry that we are not able to be there to celebrate but our thoughts are with you.

    Congratulations and enjoy the experience of your travels together. Hopefully our paths will cross in Europe somewhere.

    Best wishes, lots of love
    Suzie and David.

  21. David and Leandra,
    Thinking of you on your wedding day today and very sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate in person. I’m sure today will be an amazing start to a long life together of laughs, and happiness.

    All the best, hugs and kisses,
    Sally Rintoul

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